Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and pre-Halloween photos

Greetings! Well we had an interesting Halloween. This photo was taken on Wednesday night while we visited with Mom at her place. Beka is very unhappy because we won't allow her get into things that aren't hers. I know I am such a mean mommy right. Oh well, she'll learn to adjust.
The same night we went to pick up Chris from work early and after taking the girls to eat, we stopped at Burlington Coat Factory and found this costume for $9.99 and the sign said to take an additional 50% off - so we only paid $5.30 total! You can't beat that, it's one of the few times when it pays to procrastinate. It took forever, but we finally were able to get Beka to wear the wonderful pumpkin hat that Mom made for her. She looked adorable - as you can see and everyone thought she was great.

Okay the three pictures above are of Sarah, with her hair colored all funky for Halloween and in her costume and Lizzie and then of course, the two little girls. I think they had a good time overall. Sarah loved that we let her color her hair, but today she came home and told me she needed to wash it out quickly because kids were making fun of her. It's sad the things that kids do to each other, they all thought it was so cool for Halloween, but now they've turned on her like a pack of wolves. Thank God I am done being a teenager - there is so not enough money in all the world to make me go back to that time in my life!!!! AAAAAHHHH! I have hopes that someday soon she won't care what other people think of her and will only care what God thinks of her.

Okay this is Lizzie in full costume on Halloween night. Halloween was an interesting day for me. First, it started at 6:30 a.m. because I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, then I dropped Lizzie off at school a little early because I couldn't wait for her bus and go to the ATM then get Beka to the opthamologist. So she got Sonic for breakfast, which made her day. Anyway, I took Beka to Dr. Whitfill who is very nice and great with Elizabeth and Rebekah both and they dialated her eyes and then set her loose on their reception area again. She ran all over that area and wore us both out. The good news . . . she doesn't show any signs of amblyopia (that is what Lizzie has) and we don't have to go back until she is 3 yrs. old! Thank God. I probably could have taken Beka home, but I had to run to the grocery store, so we went on base and got most of the supplies for Sarah's Halloween slumber party. She had three friends come; Bailey, Cheyenne, and Heather. They all dressed up in costumes and we took them trick-or-treating for one last hurrah before they were officially too old to go anymore. Anyway, let me finish - we took Daddy out to lunch and to work and still had to run errands. Oh yes, Beka wore herself out so well at Dr. Whitfill's that she didn't fuss at me in the commissary once because she was so tired. She crashed in the car on the way home from the base. It was great, and she might have slept for hours, but I had stuff to do, so we woke her up and took her with us. After taking Chris to work, I picked up Sarah and Cheyenne after school and they tidied up whilst I ran and picked up the plates and cups for the party and some extra chips and pop. I found the neatest cups at Dollar Tree, some were clear and some were neon green and had skulls on them, the girls thought they were great. Once we got everyone here, I took Lizzie to see her friend Gwyn who lives near us. Gwyn is a nice woman who has a small dog (smaller than Sofie), named Max, who Elizabeth loves to pieces. She gave Lizzie some candy and we said hi to a few of our neighbors then hit got everyone loaded up. Mom came over and helped me transport everyone (THANKS MOM!!!) and we walked the crud out of Lizzie. And as I figured, Beka pooped out first, but in her defense she didn't get her full nap and was getting tired anyway. She was going to walk, but she kept tripping with the Elmo leash on, so I had to put her in the stroller. Around 8 p.m. I changed her diaper and she didn't complain and took her out of her costume and put her in her car seat in Mom's car. She didn't make it very long before she crashed out on us. She conched out so much that when we went to eat at Wendy's she didn't wake up when I put her in her stroller and slept through dinner. That is one tired pumpkin! Lizzie went to bed pretty easily as well and the older girls were then free to watch their movie. I rented "Something Wicked This Way Comes". It is a good movie and only PG-13 and that's because it is intense, not due to language or sex or anything. So once I picked up Chris, we came home and said goodnight to the girls (even though he slept until noon!) and went to bed. I think the girls stayed up until 4 a.m. or so. They actually got up at a decent hour though and Chris let me sleep in a bit, which was nice. He took a bath with Beka who kept falling asleep in the tub and the shower. In fact, he told me that she wrapped her arm around his leg whilst in the shower and put her head on his knee and tried to fall asleep again. So he brought her in and she snuggled up with me and we both went back to sleep again. She slept for another hour and a half! That is so unlike her. It was nice though. We had fun this weekend and Sarah had fun with her friends. I like her friend Heather and Cheyenne is a good friend too. In fact, this is a picture of Cheyenne and yes she is always that serious. Even at our wedding she was very serious. I think I've only seen her smile once or twice. She is so a typical teenager, dark and brooding, but she is a good kid and a good friend to Sarah.

We had a good weekend over all, which is good. Chris is working to try and be sure that he spends lots of time with the girls before he leaves. So now that the Chrysler is running again, he took Lizzie with him several times for a ride. She loves it, he cranks up the Hamster Dance song and they head bang together! It is hilarious to see them together.
Well I hope you all have a good week.
In Christ,